♡ All About Me! ♡

By: Rachel Lutz

My Favorite Things...

One thing I've always enjoyed and liked is hanging out with my friends. Another thing I love to do is play volleyball. It's my favorite sport. It's not the most exciting sport to watch for lots of people but it's really fun to play, especially with your friends. I like hanging out with my family too. I love animals a lot and I like nature a lot. I live in the Country and always will. I don't like cities because I don't like crowds to much and I like to have a lot of land.

Music Is My Life...

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Paws ♡

♡♡♡ Friends Forever ♡♡♡

My friends are a huge part of my life. I've lost a lot of friends but I've also gained tons! Some people use to hate me and now we couldn't live without each other. My bestest of best friends is Taylor Pache! We are literally sisters...I swear! We are just like each other but she's a little shorter. :) We've taken tons of pictures together we had to delete some because they took up lots of space. Sadly we only had 2 classes together through out the WHOLE year, social studies and art. But art only lasts a quarter so I don't really count that. Other friends of mine (just naming a couple) include...Sierra, Amanda, Emmali, Alexis, Allison, Jackie, Brady, etc. I have lots. :D

My Family!

I live with my mom, dad, and my two sisters, Allison and Bethany. My parents work at Great Lakes, all I know is they work with computers and student loans. Allison, my oldest sister, is a Junior in high school. She has a job so she's not around too often, but she's my favorite sister. Then there's Bethany...she's a freshman in high school and has a mind of her own, no joke. I love my family very much!

Favorites: Music- Country or Pop, Song- I Drive Your Truck-Lee Brice, Food-Fruit!, Movie- Identity Thief, Animal(s)- Zebra, Giraffe, Polar Bears, Sport-Volleyball, Place I Want To Go-Paris, Color: Pink, Purple, And A Light Sky Blue


I've had a ton of pets in my lifetime. Most of them were cats though. My grandparents have a dog that only likes me that I say is mine, but it isn't really, her name is Peeti. I've had cats my entire life. I've only had one indoor cat that died a couple years ago, his name was Joey. All of my other pets were outdoor cats. The most I've had at a time is 15 but most were babies. Right now I have 5 cats. Their names are Hershey's, because she was born on Easter, Nevaeh, Paws, Cookie, my sister insisted that she looked like a cookie, and Evana. Plus we have two stray cats named Kitty and Tiger but they come and go a lot. I've also had a couple of fish but I haven't since I was in Kindergarten because we thought Joey was going to try to eat them so we gave them away. I love almost all animals...but insects because they are scary and annoying.
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The Picture Above is Joey. We got him when I was in Kindergarten and he died when I was in 5th or 6th grade.♡