Writing Quality Blog Comments

Check this list before hitting 'Submit'!

1. Be respectful.

Start your comment with a greeting using the name of the person who wrote the post. Use a friendly, polite tone when writing your comment.

2. Be professional.

Use correct spelling and punctuation. It isn't appropriate to use 'text speak' on education blogs.

3. Respond to the blog post and the writer.

Your purpose in making a comment is to carry on 'the conversation' with the author of the blog or other commenters.

Make sure your comment is relevant to the blog post. This might include a compliment, asking a question or adding new information. If you give a compliment - be specific.

4. Remember to be Cybersafe.

Your comment will be on the internet. Just use your first name and don't reveal any personal information about yourself.

5. Always read over the comment and edit it before submitting.