Literary Devices Found in Two Kind

Alex Garcia


The setting of this story is in San Fransisco China Town. 


Their is Jing-ei's Mom, she has her mind set that the US is the perfect place to have opportunities. The protaganist of the story is Tan, she is arounf 9. Mr. Chong is Ni kan's Piano Trainer, he is deaf and old.


In the beginning of the story Jing-ei's mother is watching TV and see's a girl playing the piano very well. This is the exposition of the story. She then goes along and gives Ni kan piano lessons with Mr. Chong. Jing dosnt try, she dsont want to do this. The start of the rising action stirs up.  After several lessons Ni kan stars at a talent show. Its her turn and she starts to play. She misses almost all the notes. Days later Jing-ei's mother comes along and pushes her to the piano. They start fighting. This is the climax. The fight ends with Tans mother hurt from her daughters words. The resalution emerges years later when Ni kan mother gives a piano to her. When she past away tan went ahead and picked it up. She look at it as a sympole or a trophey.

Internal Conflict

Jing-ei has the most conflict within her in this story. Her mother wants her to perfect and the best but dosnt try her best. She refuses to do it becouse her mother wants her to do it. Should she do what her mother wants her to or not give any effort?

External Conflict

When Mr. Chong and Jing-ei are having piano lessons the external conflict here is that she is playing the piano very badly without the teacher noticing. Ni kan dosnt put the effort in becouse she know no one will correct her.


The theme in this story would be that there are two kinds of daughters but it could happen to the same child only in a diffrent time.


The piano in the story stands for Jing-ei's mom belief in what Tan can do.  The two songs that Ni kan knows represent the two kinds of daughters.


Jing-ei feel's sad and dosnt want to go threw this. This represents two sides of her. The mirror, what her mother wants her to be and the real her, the person that she wants to be.

Mother vs. Daughter

The problem in this story is the Mother and the Daughter. The mother wants her daughter to be pretty and perfect. Since she is in america she thinks anything is possible and that her daughter can really be what she wants her to be. The Daughter dosnt think that, with her mother nagging her to do things that she dosnt want to do. Jing-ei honestly thinks that she can not be what her mother wants her to be and they both force each other to the point of fighting.

Tan's Mother

Ni kan's mother previouse life was very terrible for her. She had babies that have died before they've been born.  Withsuch high hopes to have a good doughter that obays her, she forces her doughter into things that arent for her. This point is shown in the climax of the story when they both fight about the piano and Jing-ei brings up the dead babies.