Turning Points Final Exam

Cj Carelock

19 Amendment 1921

The 19 amendment was one of our turning points. Women wanted the right to vote. Many women protested on voting rights. Many women were put in jail for protesting. It took a couple years to pass the amendment.

Alice Paul

Alice Paul was one of the leaders of NAWSA. She got women to protest. Lucy Burns was creating events to help women's rights.

Lucy Burns

Also one of the leaders of NASA. Lucy Burns help Alice Paul with most of her work. Lucy and Alice also protested and went to jail.


1968 the year that changed America. The assassination of JFK and MLKJ played a big part of it. The militant group the black Panthers. America fought in the Vietnam war.

Martin Luther King Jr

He was a leader of the civil rights movement. He was assassinated in Memphis. Many race riots broke out over his death. Blacks looked up to him.

Lydon B Johnson

Was the President of the U.S. He did not run for president after his for years. He said he feared for his life.


The biggest terrorist attack in America. Left almost 3 thousand people dead. Destroyed the world trade center and had to repair one building. Osama Bin laden was the man behind the attack.