Holidays Around the World

Partner up as we take a trip around the world

Your Task

You and your travel buddy will need to grab your passports as we travel around the world to learn about different holidays. You will look at least 3 holidays listed below and read facts and see a video or two about the holiday. Once you have done so choose the holiday that you found the most interesting to create either a thinglink or a touchcast about that holiday and compare it to an American holiday or a holiday you and your family celebrate.

The Holidays

Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year Celebrations Begin in China
Bet You Didn't Know: Chinese New Year | History

Carnival in Rio

Carnival Rio de Janeiro Stunning Parade!

Bastille Day

Raw: France Celebrates Bastille Day

Australia Day

Australia Day History - Visitors before 1788
Australia Day 2015 | 9 News Perth


Story of Holi & History behind it! | Mocomi Kids
Festival of Colors - World's BIGGEST color party