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Status Updates

DOB : April 15, 1452// my grandfather documented the date and time.

1452 My father married Albier Amordia

1450 “the city state of Florence,Naples, and Millian formed an alliance.

News Updates

  1. -Moving to Florance was a turning point in my life.

- My father knew that I was a very skilled artist so he asked one of his contacts to let me be on of Verrocchio pupils.

2. I was 14 or 15 when I entered the doors to his art work area .✏

I was said to be one of Verrocchio's most talented students.

wall posts

1.My friend Leonardo was said to be one of Verrocchio's most talented students!

2.my friend was recognized by Lorenzo de’ Medici for his talent of music.

3, In my opinion Leonardo was a good person and talented with many things even tho we had our downs we still had our ups too, Salai

About Me

My name is Leonardo Da Vinci , I was a mathematician , a artist, and inventor and a architect . I had a hard time finishing my art work, but we all know that art is never finished only abandoned. I had many friends, but never the thought of having kids or getting married. I wrote and sketched in my many note books.

My parents were not married and never were allowed to marry each other because of their different social classes. I was considered an illegitimate child.

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People I would like to meet and why?

1.bill gates /// because he was an inventor and he had so many ideas I would love to hang out w/ him.

2.Ben Franklin/// he invented electricity and I was interested in it even before it was invented.

. Interests


Renaissance Man

because its about me.

Movies: Vinci Code because it explains kinda bout him and the mysteries behind him.

Television Shows: Hystory channel because there are so manky thing he would be interested in.

Books: Hugo; there are so many shapes, mystories, Hugo kinda raised himself and same to Leonardo. Also, There are clocks and many different and interesting mechanic works in it.

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one blog entry

Right now I'm designing a flying plane and a war machine, practically right now I am building a ton of interesting stuff.

I have no planes on having children or marriage.

I just want to have my books and my paint work

Art with Mati and Dada – Leonardo Da Vinci | Kids Animated Short Stories in English

Friends and Enemies


Salai at 1st we thought of each other not well but we grew on each other, teaching each other new things and life lessons with art and other stuff. I also taught him good from bad.

Zoroastro; because he was my paint mixer and kept me company.

Enemies:Michael Angelo

because Leonardo barely finished his work and took his time,

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Who would I be friends with today? Why? Who would I be enemies with today? Why?

friends would be Bill Gates and the NASA squad because I am very interested in space math and tech.(common world)


Hilary Clinton

-because I am not into politics. Also, I do not like the idea of having someone that does bad things run our country.

-Barack Obama

because he is a politician and i do not like voting.


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