I'm A Belieber

By: Emily Koog

How I Became a Fan

I knew I would be a Belieber from the minute I watched his video on YouTube. The video was of Justin when he was a toddler, banging on a chair. He was really good, for a 3-year old. I wanted to know more, so I watched more videos. I also searched him on Google and I was an imediate fan. I was fascinated by his talent at such a young age. Below is the video of Justin that i saw: I got this from YouTube and do not own any of it.

Growing Up

Justin was born in Ontario, Canada on March 1st 1994. His parents split up shortly after Justin was born. Patty, his mom, was a single mother and wanted to give Justin the best life possible (even though they didnt have a lot of money at all). Justin played guitar and sang on the steps outside the Avon Theatre, for some extra money. Justin learned to play piano and guitar, after drums, his 1st instrament.

Getting Discovered

Justin Bieber had talent, and people noticed that after his mom posted a video on YouTube of his banging on a chair when he was a toddler and of him singing in the Ontario talent contest. Patty posted it for her family to see how Justin was doing. But when Patty got a call from Scooter Braun (now Justins manager) saying that he wanted to meet him and introduce him to famous singer, Usher, she knew Justin would be bigger than "the familys little singer.   
*I GOT ALL PICTURES FROM GOOGLE AND VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE*                                               *I DO NOT OWN ANY OF IT*

Keep Going (Truism)

No matter what happens, keep your head up and never stop doing what you love.