Google add-on that quickly grades Google Form created tests

Flubaroo is a Google Apps for Education integrated tool that lets you easily grade assignments and do in-class assessments.

Go to the results spreadsheet once testing forms have been submitted

Click on Add-on then Flubaroo. . .The first time you will need to install Flubaroo by clicking on "Get Add Ons"
Flubaroo Overview
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Plickers are simple cards you can print out on the school copier. Every student in your class gets an assigned card. Each card has a number, and four sides. Each side as it faces upward represents a letter choice, A B C or D. When you ask your students a multiple choice question, they hold up their card to indicate their letter answer. As the teacher, you simply open the app on your phone, and sweep the phone across the room to find out how your students voted. The results are instantaneous and let you adjust your lessons on the fly with immediate feedback.

How Do They Work?

Every card has a different pattern, which the app recognizes through the camera on your phone. Every pattern is then represented differently by a different 90 degree rotation. This way, no matter which way the card is held up, the app will recognize which card number it is, and which letter the person holding the card meant to indicate.
Plickers - Create Class/Enter Students


Can be printed from the website

Are There Limitations?

If you are running multiple choice questions, you’re limited. Plickers aren’t meant for deep comprehension assessment, but rather for quick progress assessment. You could use them to make sure that a concept is understood, that your students did their assigned reading, or even as a pop quiz.

Ways to Use Plickers

  • Instant Questions: Ask a multiple-choice or true/false question and instantly get class feedback. Ceate an on-the-fly poll on the ipad by tapping the + button, then the correct answer letter, and then scan the "empty" question.
  • Voting: Simply use the cards to have students vote. If students change their minds by turning their cards, while still being scanned, their votes are instantly changed, too!
  • Entrance and Exit Tickets: Need a quick way to check prior knowledge or less comprehension? It's as easy as asking a multiple-choice question.
  • Quizzes: Got a quiz that you want instantly graded? Plicers gives you the option of having a "right" answer for every question you create.
  • Quick response for in-class practice.
  • Have students create questions for projects that they are going to present and put into Plickers so that the students can assess if ther classmates understood their presentation.
  • Plickers doesn't allow pictures or math problems. Get around this by putting those in a PowerPoint and display that on the screen.