October AIG Vance Newsletter

Kristin Doe - AIG Specialist Vance Elementary

Parent ACS AIG new plan meetings

Parents and families,

The AIG Department for ACS is sponsoring informational meetings for all AIG parents. These meetings are to showcase the new AIG Plan that was sent to the state for approval in July.

You only need to attend one meeting for the information!

Here are dates, times and locations:

October 18th 8:30 am Jones Elementary

October 18th 12:00 pm Jones Elementary

October 25th 6:00 pm Vance Elementary Planetorium

5th Grade AIG News!

Advanced Subject Grouping in Reading (ASG-R)

We are currently reading the realistic fiction by Gary Paulsen called Popcorn Days and Buttermilk Nights. Do not let the title fool you. This novel is about a young boy who has to overcome personal obstacles to find the real him. Gary Paulsen is a master at foreshadowing, metaphors and character development. I live for our conversations on this book and it's characters. The kids have such an insight on why Carly (the main character) acts the way he does and responds to the situations he gets himself in...truly amazing conversations!!

Advanced Subject Grouping in Math (ASG-M)

Multiplication facts!!!!!!! Multiplication facts are one the foundations for advanced math. As a group they have voted to create a group multiplication goal, as well as individual goals for speed. This group goal allows the students to be responsible for the group's efforts. They quiz each other during recess, lunch, and using "sign language" in the halls!

The goal includes multiplication facts 1-12, a 98% accuracy rate for the entire group and the date of November 3rd.

In addition, we are working in problem solving packets based from Super Star Math, Math Olympiad, and math analogies.

Enrichment Study Group (ESG)/Comprehensive Study Group (CSG) Class

At the end of 4th grade, we studied economies, government systems, natural resources, maps and import/export aspects of countries. They were then tasked with creating their own country. We were unable to finish this activity, so they are continuing this activity using Google Classroom as our medium for research.

They have been so creative, yet still focusing on their economy, government systems, trading with other "countries." We will share when they are done!