The Karankawa tribe of Texas

By: Maya Joseph

Where the Karankawas lived

The Karankawas lived in the Gulf Coastal subregion or the Coastal Plains Region from Galveston all the way to Corpus Christi

Foods They Eat

The Karankawas ate deer, rabbits, and turkey. They also ate blackberries and roots in the summer.

How They caught their food

The Karankawas were hunter-gatherers. A hunter-gatherer is a person who lives by hunting gathering food instead of grow it.


The Karankawas lived in and built little huts made of animal skin and sticks
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Weapons and Tools

The Karankawas used long arrows. They used long arrows because its easier to catch fish and would go under the surface and get lost. The tools they used was knives, scrapes and bow and arrows points to flint or chert stone


The Karankawas were split into two groups. The civil chief and the war chief. The civil chief is responsible for keeping the peace within the people during the move before summer. The war chief takes over when the tribe goes into battle.


They would give thanks to their gods by celebration which would involve a big feast and dancing. They would also hold ceremonies after successful hunting trips.

Where the Karankawas are Now

The Karankawas were all wiped out after European settlers looking for land in Texas.

Interesting fact

The Karankawas were disliked by a lot other group because they were know to eat their enemies