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COVID-19 Dismissal

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Mustang Monday Message

Mustang Family,

We miss you!! (Click on the video to the right, or down below depending on what device you are using, to see how we are feeling without you!)

The announcement that students won't be back till at least May 1st, made the reality of our new situation seem very real. I have seen and heard many staff members express sadness and shed tears as they grapple with not being with your students...I feel the same way! Teaching, is not the same without students in our building!

Words could never express the appreciation and admiration that I have for the staff at Meadow Brook! What they have accomplished in the last two weeks is truly incredible. On top of having families of their own, and the other stresses of COVID-19, they are still working so hard because of the great love they have for your kids!

I am also so proud of our students! I know that even if our kids aren't verbally expressing their fears and anxiety, they are feeling it. And yet, we see them working so hard and producing incredible work! We love you guys and are SO very proud of you!!

Parents, I can't imagine how difficult this is on you! I know many of you have several kids that you are trying to help navigate through all of this, many of you are single parents trying to do it all alone, many of you are still leaving for work worried about your kids that you are leaving at home with a relative or neighbor, some of you are sick, some of you have lost your jobs, many of you are going stir crazy as you work from home, and I know there a number of other difficult situations you are all navigating. This is certainly a trying time for all of us! As a school, we want to support you the very best we can! The last thing we want to do, is to amp up the anxiety many of you are already feeling.

Our goal as a school is to provide your students with "Minimal but Meaningful" work. We know everyone is doing the best they can, so please, please do NOT beat yourself up if you can't complete every assignment, every day. Just do your best! I absolutely believe that as we all continue to work together, and support each other, we will be able to help our students get through this!

Below you will find links to many resources that you might find helpful to your family. I truly appreciate your love and support!! All my best to you and your families!!

Principal Balli


* April 6th-10th: Spring Break No work will be sent out during this week.

* Wednesday, April 15th: Car Parade through Meadow Brook neighborhoods @12:00! We miss you and want to see you! (more information to come about this, but we are still waiting to see if we will be allowed to do this)

* Monday, May 4th: Hopefully, return to school!

* Friday, May 22nd: Last day of school

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Parent Guide to Resilience

Nebo School District is excited to announce a Parent Guide to Resilience for all of the families in Nebo. This is a valuable tool to help offer guidance to parents on how to model resilience and encourage healthy together time with their kids based on the WhyTry model of resilience.

Here's a link to the guide:

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Order a Yearbook Now for $7

Because yearbooks were delivered late last year, LIfeTouch promised to sell them to us this year for half price. If you would like order a yearbook, please order one online at Our code is 13488120. Yearbooks are in full color. The final day to order a yearbook is April 10th.

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