Snowboarding inequalities

And equations

4 inequalities and equations

Q.Jimmy snowboarded a 7 miles. He had snowboarded a total of 21 miles. Let the letter X represent the total miles Jimmy skied.

A. 7X=21 X=3

Q. Griffin snowboarded a total of 36 miles yesterday. He went on 2 long runs. The first one was 18 miles. How long was the second one?

A. 36-X=18 X=18

Q. Stewie snowboarded at least 28 miles in in 4 runs. If all the runs were the same length. How long was each run?

A. X>or=to 7

Q.Marley is learning how to snowboard. She snowboarded the deer slope 6 times. He went a total of less than 3 miles. How many miles did Marley Snowboard?

A. X>3 miles

One step equations

17+x>19. X>2

5x=20. X=4

7x=28. X=4

8x=64. X=8