Panther Journal

Norfolk Jr. High School

By Colten Hassler


Sharks have been on the Earth as long as dinosaurs. Great whites are good sized sharks.They grow up to 21 ft. Great whites think we're seals or sea lions, so thats why they attack us. Bull sharks are one of the smallest sharks because they only weigh 500 lbs. They are one of the few sharks that can live in freshwater or saltwater. They travel up the Amazon in South America or the Mississippi in North America. Makos are not very common, but they are fast. Makos feed on bluefish, sharks, swordfish, tuna. Makos rarely attack people. Makos live up to 30 years. A Basking shark can grow 40 ft. Megalodons are the largest sharks known. They are 50 tons. Their teeth are 7’’ long. They are the largest teeth discovered.

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Hachiko a Dog’s tale

This movie is a drama, adventure based on a real story. It is about this dog named Hachiko. This movie is about a dog who waits for his college professor who went out of state for a business trip. The dog runs away from home, to go wait at the train station for his owner. A big blizzard comes out of the middle of nowhere and freezes everything. The dog almost died, but it went to hide behind a bush to stay warm. Then his owner finally got back from his trip and gets off the train, but he sees Hachiko laying there dead.

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Humpty Dumpty Goes to China

Breaking news! Humpty Dumpty was a talking egg who was annoying. He never worried about his business until this week. Humpty Dumpty was sitting on the Great Wall of China. Humpty Dumpty fell off the Great Wall of China in Shanghai, China on June 12, 1492. When he got back up, he saw Christopher Columbus sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Then Humpty went with Christopher Columbus and discovered Atlantis. Christopher dropped him off, and Humpty was sitting up on the Great Wall of China eating M&M’s and Snickers until Landen pushed him off the Great Wall of China again. What did he discover next?
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

My favorite app or video game is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Call of Duty is a first person shooter. There is multiplayer, campaign, and zombies. It is the eleventh installment of the Call of Duty series. It is set in 2054, and the United States Marine Corps fights the Koreans. It featured double XP for the first and second day. It is the first main series of Call of Duty not to see release on the Nintendo platform since COD Modern Warfare.

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Coltens Life

Colten Hassler was an aweosome person. He went to school at Norfolk High. Colten participated in baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. His job was to participate in sports every day.He went to Oreogon University. He mastered in basketball. His first major job was a pro-athlete. He played NFL for the Cinncinati Bengals. He is tall and chubby. Colten eventually got married and had three children. Then after he got married, he went to live in Miami, Florida. He still remains a professional athlete at age 40. At age 40, he lived a happy life and was playing with his grandchildren. Yes, he will continue and will not earn another degree. Colten will travel to France, Russia, Gemany, and Malasia.

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