Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

Two of My Favorite Two Inventions

The 33 Barelled Cannon

Have you ever wanted to shoot a machine gun, well the person who made it was the awesome Leonardo da Vinci. The model that he made was the 33 barelled cannon or a machine gun. This all Da Vinci wanted to do is this mount 11 muskets side by side on a rectangular board, then attaching three such boards together in a triangular arrangement. By placing a shaft down the middle, the entire contraption could be rotated, so that one set of 11 guns could be fired while a second set cooled off and a third set was being reloaded. Then the entire mechanism could be rotated to bring the loaded set to the top where it could be fired again.

The Parachutes

Have you ever wanted to go parachuting well the awesome person that made that dream possible is Leonardo da Vinci.Da Vinci, who was fascinated by the idea of human flight, conceived his parachute as a way for people to drift gracefully through the air. Its pyramid-shaped framework was draped with cloth. As da Vinci wrote in his notebooks, it would allow a man "to throw himself down from any great height without suffering any injury." Twenty-first century attempts to build the design suggest that it would have worked pretty much as da Vinci described.