My Future Career Project

Elizabeth Hynum

My dream career is to be a Psychologist

Psychology is a major that is offered at many schools, but the college I want to go to Sam Houston State.

I will need to have a doctorate degree to even get a slight amount of work.

I plan on moving to either College Station or to San Antonio after I get my degree, because there are a lot of people that may need someone to talk to and I could be that person.

A Psychologist is a person that you can go and talk to about anything that has happened in your life. They are used as a way of releasing some of the issues that someone may bottle up inside. It is not smart to bottle your feelings up and I realized that I don't want anyone to suffer from the things I have in my lifetime.

I want to be a Psychologist, because I have never really has a simple life, so I would like to be able to talk people through a tough time.