Why use 3D Modelling?

All you need to know about 3D modelling

What is 3D Modelling?

3D modelling is a ssoftware used to design 3D models in a money saving and a more efficient way. This will help to get everything very accurate without hurting any humans or any other living things.

What is it used for?

It is used to do many projects such as creating a car, building a bridge, testing how buildings withstand earthquakes, creating a cartoon character and to make a design for a kitchen. Here are examples below:

Why use 3D Modelling?

You should use 3D Modelling because it helps you save a lot of money when you go wrong. This is because you do not have to keep on paying for more resources when you go wrong or make a mistake. You also save a lot of time and you do not harm any living things at all.
Fast and efficient 3D modeling tutorial for the human hand
Maya Spaceship Tutorial - 3D Modelling

I hope you understood how 3D modelling is used and why it is good to use it.

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