Saturday Canvas Training

April 9 and 30, 2016

$100 per day!

Did that title catch your attention? If so, it's time to jump all in and learn Canvas. As you know, use of the Amplify tablet will end in May. This means that Canvas is your means to continue sharing information with students in a way that is similar but much more engaging than Playlist Builder.

Both Allen and Guilford teachers may attend these sessions.

  • Allen was offered five days of training last summer. If you did not attend all five days then you are welcomed to attend and get paid. However, all teachers are welcomed for for the planning times and earn technology CEUS. Login to the GCS PD portal to verify the number of days you attended last summer.
  • Guilford has one final day of training available for $100. This is only applicable to those who attending the past four (4) sessions. Otherwise, you're welcome to attend the final two below.

You will be provided with time to work on upcoming unit plans with grade and content level colleagues. The ultimate goal will be to take their next unit and create an online module of it on Canvas. Click the links to sign up, earn CEUs and $100 below. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Flipped Intro to Canvas

View the two videos below prior to our Saturday Sessions and to get started today!
Canvas Intro 1
Canvas Intro 2