MB's Multi 1-2 Classroom News

Edition 2

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WOW! We Are Amazing!

In the first 9 days of the school we have accomplished so much!

  • The students are solidly reading to self to become better readers.
  • Several assessments have already been taken to get a handle on where each learner is at.
  • The Multi 3/4 buddies from Mrs. Stapleton and Mrs. Bush's classes came down to help us learn how to use the Chrome Books, which we will need to take the NWEAs this week.
  • We have worked with 12 different focus lesson books to begin to develop the following reading strategies: Check for Understanding, Cross Checking, Use phrasing and prosody to read the book the way the author intended, and pay attention to punctuation, and Tune Into Interesting Words. We have posted these on our CAFE (C-Comprehension, A-Accuracy, F-Fluency, E- Expand Vocabulary) menu.
  • We viewed and discussed MB's Good Fit Book lesson, and okay we laughed a little too! This coming week we will begin to replace the books in our book baskets, which we chose last June during Step Up Day, with more good fit books.
  • We have listened to MB read aloud "The Tale of Despereaux" . We are learning all about the main character, Despereaux. We have begun to fill in a word collector for all the amazing words we have tuned into.
  • We created a list of classroom rules and responsibilities and posted them around the room.
  • We brainstormed, published, and are working on 21 different jobs in our classroom. These change weekly.
  • We prepared for Open House.
  • We took a September Selfie and wrote two goals for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • We have begun Work On Writing Stamina. We have created Memory Baskets and Idea Maps, based on our own memories and favorite places, to help us with what to write about. We viewed two books for these activities :Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge and All the Places to Love.
  • We watched the video of "Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes" and then watched Mrs. Langelier, MB, and Ms. Clark perform what to do when you come to a word that you want to use but do not know how to spell. Spell the word the best you can, underline the word, and away with your writing you go!!! Okay we laughed a little more.
  • We have earned lots of Warm and Fuzzies for taking care of our classroom and following the rules and responsibilities, and transitioning from one activity to the next.
  • We have taken 20 Go Noodle Brain and Body breaks and have transformed our Avatar twice.
  • We began working on Listen to Someone Read stamina by watching 5 books on video.
  • We have met and worked hard at all of the CORE teachers classes. Our CORE Classes are: Day 1: Music Day 2: Phys. Ed. Day 3: Library Day 4: Computer Day 5: Art Day 6: CORE Choice
See I told you we were amazing!
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Thursday, Sep. 21st, 9am

Wells Elementary School

Photo envelopes were sent home last Friday. We did not have enough envelopes and flyers for every student. Hopefully more will arrive on Monday and we will send them home with the students who are missing them.

More Summer Fun Photos!

Paper Tubes

Thank you for all of the empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes. We will be using those next week during our STWEAM time!

Beginning of Year Information Packets

If you have not already done so, please send back your student's completed information packets ASAP. Thanks!