Computer Progammer

By: Matt Martinez

What is a Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is a type of software engineer that writes codes that allow computers to operate. A computer Programmer uses computer language and computer science to code computers, and debug computers.

Who needs the services of a Computer Programmer

Many large companies or even small businesses have computer Programmers to write programs or software for their computer. They will modify existing programs to enhance them for the needs of those who are using them.

How could you find out what the day of a computer programmer is like?

Shadowing a computer programmer is common especialy during high school, to better understand the career it self taking classes on computer science and math is aIso helpful. Along with just asking a computer programmer looking at websites can help you understand the many aspects of this career.

Example of two events in the day of a computer programmerd

Depending on the type of computer programmer you are your day to day outlook will be different. Designing the main software for a computer or program to run is very common, along with improving the many aspects of how a computer or program runs by creating software to fix bugs also making programs or websites look and run cleanly are common events you'll see a computer programmer do.

What type of education does this career require

A Masters in science and technology is what is commonly needed, though math and engineering are recommend.

why would someone want to be a computer programmer?

A computer program not only writes programmes for a computer to run but can also design apps, games, and many other applications. The software for iPhones, and even some roller coasters are designed by computer programmers.

What is toughest job demand of a computer programmer?

Some codes and software are very difficult to write, making a mistake in the coding could cause the computer to crash, of short out, and in worst causes create a virus on the computer ( usually the virus is weak and can't travel to other computers).

Computer Programmer Salery

The salary of a computer programmer is about $20,000 - $130,000.
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