Digital Citizenship

Stephanie Chen

Security and Access

Nowadays, we basically have the internet 24/7, it is our job to protect ourselves and be appropriate online

Digital Literacy and Etiquette

Digital Literacy is the knowledge we have about the internet, and how to use it on the internet Etiquette is having proper behavior on the internet, just like how you would behave at school.

Laws and Commerce

Laws are rules that we have to follow that were set up by the government. Commerce is the selling goods online. Put them together, follow laws and don't sell illegal drugs online. Also don't trick people into buying things.

Rights and responsibilities

We have the right to use the internet, it's a privilege and with that comes responsibilities, don't look at inappropriate things on the internet, and if you accidentally do, close the page down.

Communication, Health and Wellness

Digital Communication is communicating with friends, family, etc, but with that, you also need Health and Wellness, examples are not staring at the screen too long or your eyes will get sore. Make sure your health is up to date so you can talk to your friends and family without any headaches.