HPE 4th Grade

January 30th

4th Grade Mission Statement

Empowering students to be leaders, build relationships, and experience academic success.

Valentine's Day Party

4th graders can make boxes or decorate bags for the Valentine's party. If your child

would like to hand out Valentines, please make sure they make one for every student in the class. A class list will be coming home.


Week in Review

Reading - Figurative Language - adages

Writing - Opinion Statements and supporting details

Math - fractions

Science - Mystery Science - How can a car run without gas?

Spelling - Unit 16 suffixes ible/able.

Major Savor Starts Today!

The 2016 Major Saver Discount Card campaign launches in Lee’s Summit on February 1st! Last year, participating students helped the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation and participating schools raise more than $100,700.
Elementary school students will be selling $15 cards with 20 Buy-One-Get-One Free offers starting Monday, February 1st through Tuesday, February 16th. Major Saver cards can be purchased via cash, check or online at www.majorsaver.com. The online sale can be credited back to a particular student and school. All cards purchased online will be mailed directly to the customer.
Please consider purchasing a Major Saver card from a Highland Park Elementary school student. The proceeds from these sales will benefit the participating schools and the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation.

Upcoming Week

Reading - figurative language/adages and proverbs

Writing - Using text to write opinion pieces with a statement, support, and examples

Math - applying the four operations/fractions

Science - force in motion/Mystery Science Activities - What makes roller coasters go so fast?

Spelling - Unit 17/Latin roots -aqua and -rupt

Important Dates

February 1 - Major Saver Kick Off Assembly

February 5 - First Friday Assembly

February 8 - Pennies for Patients Drive begins. Look for information to come home on 2/5.

February 11 - Valentine's Day Party

February 12 - Early Release

February 16 - HPE is hosting a school tour for Leader in Me

February 27 - Pancake Breakfast


Habit 5 - The Habit of Emphatic Communication

21 - Day Challenge

Identify a personal or professional relationship that challenges you the most—one where the communication is poor, ineffective, or even guarded. Spend the next 21 days consciously listening with the intent to understand. Once you are confident the other person feels understood, you can share your own point of view with respect and clarity.

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What is Genius Hour? - Introduction to Genius Hour in the Classroom


Please keep encouraging your child to charge their Chromebook overnight. We are seeing an increase in Chromebooks coming to school not charged. Thanks for your support!

Meet the Teachers

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Janie Taylor

Best time for a phone call is between 10:00 - 10:30.

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Taylor has been teaching for 23 years in the Lee's Summit R-7 School District. Mrs. Taylor has lived in Lee's Summit since she was in 2nd grade and is a graduate from LSHS. She is married to Dax and has three children. Kylie is a sophomore at K-State, Cole is a junior at Lee's Summit West, and Chase is a 7th grader at Summit Lakes Middle School. Outside of school she loves to spend time with her family at the lake, vacationing, and attending sporting events.

Mrs. Taylor has a passion for teaching kids and inspiring them to be the best they can be academically and as a leader in their life. She loves allowing students to be creative and think outside the box to acheive their learning goals.

Mrs. Taylor is looking forward to Connect2Learn, the changes in the physical enviroment in Studio 4, and getting to know each student and what motivates them.

Ms. Kennedy

Welcome back to a new school year at Highland Park! Ms. Kennedy is looking forward to the beginning of a productive, fun, successful year. She is extremely excited about getting the year started and being able to work together.

This is Ms. Kennedy’s 28th year of teaching in Lee’s Summit and eighth year at Highland Park. Before coming to Highland Park, she’d taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades at Pleasant Lea Elementary. Ms. Kennedy grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and went to William Jewell College. She received her Master’s Degree in 1995 from UMKC. Ms. Kennedy lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She has a daughter named Lauren and two sons named Brandon and Sam. Lauren is 27 and works in Virginia as a forensic scientist, Brandon is 25 and works in Columbia, MO, and Sam is a 14 year old freshman. She also has a Golden Retriever named Sophie and a tabby cat named Petie. It’s a little chaotic in her home when they get to chasing each other.

She loves to travel, go to movies and READ! This summer she read some really great books, traveled to Virginia Beach, caught some fish and spent quality time with her family.

Mrs. Gallick

My name is Karen Gallick and I have been doing this amazing job of teaching for 22 years and have taught grades K-5. Whatever grade I’m teaching, becomes my favorite grade. Besides teaching,I also love drawing and painting. Over the past 11 years I have enjoyed painting artwork on the walls all over the school, at Richardson, and on the barn at Great Beginnings. I am a mother to 3 grown children, a grandmother to 2 sweet little girls, and I’ve been married for 34 years to my high school sweetheart who is also a teacher and a cross country coach at Blue Springs High School. What I love most about the job, is the students. They become a part of my life, not just for this year, but for years to come. My job is to make them love coming to school every day, and to love learning. I am so excited about adding chromebooks to one of the many ways to get students excited about learning. Teaching to me is a puzzle to figure out every day, and I just LOVE puzzles!


RE: Parent Volunteer Screenings

From: Jodi Mallette – Principal

In accordance with Lee’s Summit School Board Policy, some of our school volunteers must now be screened prior to working with or supervising students. This applies to all volunteers who may be in a situation where they are left alone with a student or group of students, most commonly for Highland Park this would apply to field trips.

If you believe you may offer to attend a field trip this school year, you will need to complete the packet.

This does not guarantee your selection for the trip, it just makes you eligible to attend.

Here are the steps that need followed in order to complete the screening and to be eligible for this volunteer role.

  1. Complete all three pages attached. No payment is needed; the LSR7 School District covers the cost of all screenings.

  2. Come to Highland Park and turn in all papers. At that time we will also need to copy your Drivers License for submission with the paperwork.

  3. We will send the paperwork over to Stansberry Leadership Center and they will complete the process. This can take several weeks.

  4. If there are questions or concerns you will be notified by Vicki Franklin at HPE.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this screening and to volunteer for your school. We so appreciate our many volunteers and appreciate the district for taking this extra step to ensure the safety of all of our students.

If you have any questions, you may contact Marcy Carpenter at 986-1000.


Jodi Mallette