By: Aniyah Carrion

Country Basics



Flag Meaning-The blue stripes are intended to symbolize the stripes on a tallit,the traditional Jewish prayer shawl.The portayal of a star of David on the flag of the state of Israel is widely acknowledged symbol of the Jewish people and of Judaism.


Continent-The country Israel is on the continent Asia and it's surround by Qalqilya's

Major landforms-A fertile (and mostly flat) Coastal Plain fronts the Mediterranean Sea coastline; rolling hills dissect the country ,including the central Samarian hills and the Mountains and hills of Galilee in the North; the Great rift valley runs South to the Gulf of Aqaba along it's Southern border with Jordan,and the Negeu Desert.

Major Landmarks-Western Wall, Sea of Galilee,Church of the Holy Sepulcher,Yad Uashem,Tower of David, Mount of Olives.

Human Geographic-Israel's best known landmarks reflect the region's lengthy human history and it's prominence in all three monotheistic faith's Judaism,Christinity,and Islam.

Bodies of water-Israel's Largest river,the Jordan,flows through the Jordan valley includes Israel's two lakes: the Kinneret Sea of Galilee,the Largest body of fresh water in Israel, and the salt water Dead Sea,the lowest point on earth.


Leader/President- Reven Rivlin

How is the leader chosen-Israel has an electoral system based on nation wide proportional representation,and the number of seats which every list receives in the Knesset is proportional to the number of voters who voted for it.


Israel's chief exports to the U.S. include cut diamonds, Jewlry, integrated circuits, printing machinery,and telecommunications equipment.

Rich/Poor-Israel ranks 5th among countries with widest rich-poor gap. Israel has the highest poverty rate among OECD countries,according to a report released by the 33-nation organization.

Money-Israeli new Shekel


Israel traditional/modern clothing for women are to wear exotic distinctive dresses and men wear short jackets & a small yellow woolen cap and tight turbans.

The language Israels speak are Hebrew & Arabic.

The popular music in their country is Will Williams-Ego & Rihanna ft. Drake-Work.

The major holidays are the first and last days of Pasover (Pesach), Shavvot (Pentecost), Rosh Hashana (New Year) which are two days off.

The major religions are Judaism, Christianity & Islam.

The popular foods in Israel are hummas,couscous, salads & falafel. Matkot is a popular paddle ball similar to beach tennis.

Israels entertainment for fun is playing dreidel, it's a four sided spinning top. The popular sports are soccer & basketball.

The popular movies are "Avanti Popolo, Footnote, Peeping Tom."


The climate is typically Mediterranean long hot and dry summers. Wet winters are short. Israel has heavy rainstorms beginning in November until March. The average yearly temperature in April through October is 80 degrees. The snow storms affected 17,000 homes that didn't have power.


In 1993 when Clinton was in the White house the prime minister of Israel and the plo leader, Yasser agreed a peace deal at the white house.

Compare & Contrast

Compare-Food/Government-We are both able to vote and we also eat hummus and couscous.

Contrast-Clothing/Religion-There clothing is different then ours because they wear exotic dresses.They have three different religion like Muslim, Jewish, and Doze.