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About the Region.

The Edwards Plateau is an ecoregion located in central Texas. This ecoregion is one of Texas' major Vegetational or Land Resource Areas. Meaning there is a lot of land and plants. This is a great place for someone who studies agriculture, or just loves nature. This ecoregion is also called the Texas Hill Country.


The western part of this region is flat, whereas the eastern also known as the Texas Hill Country is deeply eroded. This means that the earth"s surface was worn away by the action of wind and water.

What is Erosion?

Erosion is the condition in which the earth's surface is worn away by the action of water and wind.


The Edwards Plateau is an uplift formed by deposits of sandstone, limestone, and shales.

What is Deposition?

Deposition is the process in which sediment is laid down in new locations.


The Edwards Plateau region is located in west-central part of Texas.

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Erosion and Deposition

This is the western part of the region also known as the Texas Hill Country.

Weathering: Rain and wind have broken down the top and sides of the big rock located on the right of the picture. Creating a hill or uplift.

Chemical Weathering: The rocks have changed their color, that is why the rocks have rusty color.

Erosion: Rain and wind have picked up the sediment and carried it somewhere else.

Deposition:The sediment is then deposited on top of the uplift, adding to it and making it larger.

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  • Caves
Caves are very important landforms in the Edwards Plateau ecoregion. They are homes to many wildlife.

  • Faults

The Balcones Fault is associated with the Edwards Plateau formation. This fault line is an ecological demarcation for the range definition of a number of species


Study Agriculture?

The Edwards Plateau is a great place for someone who studies agriculture. It has many vegetation.

Have Some Fun!

Austin is located in central Texas as well as the Edwards Plateau. Austin has many fun activities...

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