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What is Ariel?

Ariel is the 1 of the 27 moons that orbits Uranus.
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What makes up Ariel

Ariel is cut up by scarbs, canyons, and ridges. The canyons of ariel can differentiate from 3-4 km wide. It also can be 10km-100km deep. The inside of Ariel consists of rock and ice. In conclusion that is what makes up Ariel.

A scarb is a very steep slope

Origins of Ariel

Ariel was discovered in 1891, by a man named William Lassell who is a British Astronomer. Ariel is the fourth largest of all the 27 moons that revolves around Earth. Ariel is names after the "Tempest" which was in one of Shakespeare's poems. Also Ariel is the youngest and brightest of Uranus's moons. In conclusion those are some origins of Ariel.

Ariel's Fast Facts

Ariel is the 15 moon that is in water from Uranus. Ariel was discovered at the same time as Umbriel was by the same man. Ariel is a mixture of many terrains, planes, and valleys. Ariel is cold and geologically dead however it was warm. In conclusion those are the fast facts of Ariel.
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Ariel // One of Uranus' Moons



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