Coding 3

Final Announcement!

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No Chats Next Week!

Calling All Assignments!

  • I am still missing many final Space Odyssey Projects!
  • Please post the link to your final Space Odyssey Project in the moodle submission box no later than Tuesday 6/9! Make sure it is "shared" before you post it!
  • Make sure you include a variable to keep score!
  • Please do not email me your projects unless it is extra credit, the submission box is closed, or there is a problem!
  • All extra credit and/or overdue assignments must be submitted to me by Monday 6/8!

Scratch Summer!

  • Our Scratch Studio will be open all summer! Post your projects and share your favorite remixes with your friends at PALCS!

Have a Wonderful Summer!

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See You In Cyberspace!