PTO Meeting Minutes

7pm Tuesday, September 15th 2020

NES PTO General Board Meeting MINUTES

Via Zoom (~14 people in attendance)

1. Principal and Teacher Updates

  • We recognize that things are different and we are learning as well. We appreciate patience for us on our end. We have to make changes when things aren't working like clockwork. We also appreciate the kids being willing to jump in and participate as much as they can. Teamwork and helping each other be patient is the key.

2. Treasurer Report

(Specific dollar amounts have been omitted. As always, we discuss the financials in detail at our monthly General PTO Meeting.)

  • Due to the generosity of our NES families and the limited number of refunds requested from the school closure and event cancellations in the spring of 2020, the PTO started of the 20-21 fiscal year (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) with a cash balance similar to prior years. Cash received during July related to Paypal transfers from the PTO Paypal account left over from the 19-20 fiscal year. Cash payments made in July were primarily for administrative expenses. A new Quickbook license was purchased and PTO website hosting costs were paid. Recurring expenses such as teacher water cooler and smore newsletter subscription were also paid.

  • In August, the invoice for the Class of 2020 legacy tile project was received and paid. In addition, monthly recurring expenses and several checks relating to passive fundraisers (Amazon Smile, Box tops, etc.) were received.
  • In September the PTO will continue to fund and cash will be paid for PTO programming such as individual art kits, RAZ kids subscriptions for first and third grade, First in Math for second grade, Time for Kids for fourth grade, and Scholastic subscriptions for first and second grade as well as homework assignment pads.
  • The PNC account was reconciled as of 7/31/20 and 8/31/20 by the Treasurer and each bank statement and reconciliation was reviewed by a Board member who is not authorized signer on the account (Vice-President or Secretary).
  • The budget for this year has been really difficult as there are so many unknowns.
  • There will do dues collected at this time.
  • K-5 funds left over from last year are being held and we hope to use it toward class parties later in the year if that becomes possible.
  • Smaller 6th grade dues will be collected at a later date on a pay as you go basis depending on what we are able to do.
  • We have budgeted for some events - science fair, trunk or treat, etc. - knowing that if we can do something it will look much different than in years past.
  • We have some budget for passive fundraisers - Amazon Smile, Spirit Nights, etc.
  • The majority of our budget goes toward school programing - Scholastic, art kits, First in Math, etc.
  • We did not budget for a school play this year.
  • The budget was reviewed in detail and approved by those in attendance.

3. Teacher Grants

  • The PTO is will be funding the teacher grants again this year.
  • Teachers are given a small sum of money to purchase educational items that directly supports student learning.
  • The form will be updated and the link provided on the PTO webpage soon.

4. KidStuff Coupon Book Fundraiser

  • This will be an all online fundraiser.
  • We will be giving Mr. Francis a link to send out to families for purchase later in Sept.
  • We will get a smaller portion of the proceeds this year as the books will be mailed directly to the families.

6. Home Room Coordinators (HRCs)

  • There is an ongoing conversation with the PTO, teacher representatives and Mr. Francis as to the role HRCs will have this year.
  • HRCs will have a very limited role this year. We would like the HRCs to be in place for if and when events can possibly happen and to support the teachers in whatever way is needed, possibly with helping to create classroom contact lists.
  • We will also need to look into privacy issues for possible online parties outside of school instructional hours as well as questions regarding clearances.
  • A discussion was held about using HRCs as coordinators of a classroom community. Many parents have skills that can be utilized to help teachers in a virtual manner that will enhance the virtual classroom community - tech help, excel spreadsheets, sign-ups, etc. Let's tap into whatever help parents can give.

7. Discussion of Fall Events
  • The PTO has been thinking of ways to have popular school events even if they look very different than in years past.
  • All ideas would be contingent upon what the district will allow to take place on school grounds.
  • Spirit fundraising nights will begin again, hopefully with one event/month.
  • With permission we may have another Drive-thru donuts.
  • Trunk or treat alternatives, such as a drive by TorT, a drive in movie with costume contest, as well as changing to a Scarecrow or Jack-o-lantern contest with varying categories and online voting. The Scarecrow/Jack-o-lantern idea got the most approval and we will look into if and how to move forward with that.
  • Other ways to hold fun events was discussed - virtual Bingo and/or an online auction with raffle baskets to be held possibly later in the year.

8. Other

  • Parents expressed a need to address the students about changes in personnel. Many students are upset about staff that retired or took a leave of absence without the chance of saying good-bye. Once hybrid learning starts, it would be great to come up with an appropriate way to give farewells as well as to welcome new staff.
  • Parents really love the staff Flipgrid that was sent out.
  • A brief discussion ensued about if the PTO could help out with school cleaning supplies or PPE. The school has received PPE for students and staff and as for any other needs, it can be discussed as needs arise.
  • PTO may be adding face masks and lanyards in addition to logo wear sales that will be held online at a later date.