James Patterson


Rafe is in elementary school and is close to never going back to school again. You may think this is a good thing but not if your mom was close to a mental breakdown and you might spend the rest of your life on the side of the street. Rafe has to last one week in the woods to train him into becoming a better kid. Can Rafe do it?


" Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well."

Rafe has to complete challenges in order to earn tags. In order to earn the tags, he must complete his tasks well.

Type of conflict

Man vs nature is the conflict in my book. Rafe has to survive in the woods for a week in order to attend school.

" All I could do now was step out of the car, hand over my stuff, and start figuring out how to survive the next seven days and six nights."

Fight Song - Rachel Platten | Lyrics


Rafe has to earn bolts on strings that represent " tags" in order to complete the program.


i chose determination as my theme because Rafe is determined to complete the program and get back into school.

James Patterson

James Patterson is the authour of my book.