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Today We Are Going To Learn All About The Islam Religion

Orgin Of Islam

Muhammad is the founder of Islam. Islam is a religion that is centered around a belief of one God. They believe that there is no other god besides God. Islam means to submission or surrender to God. Islam was originated in Arabia in the Middle East.
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Muhammad was born in approximately 570 C.E. His parents died when he was young. When he was 12 he visited Syria and was exposed to Jews and Christians and grew a respect for these people. When he was 25 he married a woman who also got him involved in it to. When he was about 40 he had an encounter with an angel. When he finished the trade journey he began spreading the word or his teachings. And he developed a code that was said to come from God. The people being taught these teachings became known as Muslims and the religion was Islam.

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Comparing Islam To Other Religions


Islam to Christianity

  • Started in the Middle East
  • Abrahamic religions
  • Believe in one God

Islam to Judaism

  • Only believe in one God
  • Abrahamic religion


Islam to Hinduism


  • Worships in a temple
  • Dependent on school


  • Worships in any clean place
  • Believes in one god

Islam to Confucianism

  • Chinese
  • Founded by Confucius

  • Abrahamic
  • Founded of Muhammad

Islam to Taoism


  • Believes in variety of spirits

  • Believes in one god

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