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Sant Antoni De Calonge Villas

Located conveniently between Playa de Aro and Palamos, the tiny village of Sant Antoni de Calonge is the ideal spot for a family vacation in Spain. This region, being part of the famous Costa Brava, combines beautiful, secluded beaches, plenty of sports/activities, cultural and artistic traditions, great cuisine, historical monuments, festivals, lively night-life and much more.

Today, most visitors to Spain opt for villa rental accommodation. Apart from the substantial cost-savings benefits that shared accommodation provides, villa rentals can also be a lot of fun when you're with the people whom you like spending time with. You get just the right amount of privacy and yet get to bond with your friends and family too. Villas also offer flexibility in terms of schedules, food and drink preferences, special needs etc. and this is a great advantage when you're traveling with toddlers, babies, seniors or those with special dietary or mobility requirements. Some villas also allow you to bring pets and your own staff like nannies, nurses or attendants. There are plenty of choices when it comes to location, budget, facilities, features, etc. and you need to do some research before you make the final decision.

Sant Antoni de Calonge enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, with humid, pleasant winters and long dry summers. The year round sunshine is another big attraction here, though you may find the beaches more stormy and windswept during this season. However, since this is considered the off-peak season, you'd probably be able to land some really good deals on accommodation, food, leisure activities etc. The village and its surroundings offer plenty of activities – water sports like jet/water-ski, scuba, deep sea diving, trips out into sea in glass-bottom boats to view the rich bio diversity of Mediterranean marine life, nature parks, sailing and of course, sun-bathing, swimming and canoeing on the beach are available. The entire coast is full of hidden coves and great sun-washed beaches.

Most tourists prefer a self-catering villa as this means you get to shop like the locals in the neighborhood markets and purchase freshly-caught sea-food, farm-fresh vegetables and fruits and also the variety of dairy/meat products, wines and the famous local olive oils and try your hand at the delicious Catalan recipes. The village also offers some great sight-seeing: Calonge Castle is a magnificent old fortress and the Old Town with its quaint alleys and white-washed buildings provides plenty of great photo ops. If you're in the mood for entertainment and leisure, the modern promenade and harbor area have great bars, restaurants, clubs and pubs. The main beach is also lined with some good eateries. There's plenty to do for all ages groups in Sant Antoni de Calonge and the neighborhood, so pick the right kind of villa here and enjoy your vacation!

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