The Relationship Bank Account

The Seven Habits of highly effective teens

Becoming an ayatallah

In the relationship bank you will understand exactly how to manage and control who you talk to and how far you should probably take it. Becoming the ayatollah of who you are as person is going to take time but you will eventually grasp it. Now the question is how do you developer good relationships with others and what the seven habits has taught me is that having a good relationship is to always have a positive attitude and be respectful and understanding about everything you say because it could always come back in a even worse way.Some other things to have a good relationship be loyal don't smile in their face and talk behind their back, another one be good listener to others and have understanding or pretend you understand and are, say you are sorry don't be afraid to admit when you are wrong because it could effect you negatively, set the expectation list down let them know how you role and then find out how they role, the list goes on and on but that is just a few that could probably change most of your life from here on out if you apply these habits.

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