Southview Public School

December 7-December 11

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How Do You Want to be Remembered?

It is funny to run into students at the arena, grocery store, and other local places only to find them amazed that you are a "real person"! Wherever we are, students remember us by the many qualities that we show them and model for them, in and out of school. Nick Foley (Celebrate the Hero) taught our students in an assembly last year to think about "How Do You Want to be Remembered?". This question is great to keep in mind as educators as well. How do we want students to remember us and their learning experiences at Southview?

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Upcoming Events

December 14 - School Performance (2:00 in the gym)

December 15 - Swim to Survive (Duchene & Brown), Progress Reports go Home

December 16 - Swim to Survive (Gaffney & Milligan), Gould Lake Presentations (Gr. 6-8)

December 17 - School Performance (2:00 & 6:30)

December 18 - Friends for Life (Library @1:00), BREAK!

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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Mon., Dec. 7th (Day 2)

Tues., Dec., 8th (Day 3)

  • IEPs due
  • Swim to Survive (Duchene & Brown)
  • County Museum (Gr. 2 & 2/3 Classes)

Wed., Dec., 9th (Day 4)

  • NDSS Bands (K-8, gym @ 9:30)
  • Swim to Survive (Gaffney & Milligan)

Thurs., Dec., 10th (Day 5)

  • Craft Sale (gym)
  • VP Mtg (Jenn away am)
  • Staff Meeting (divisional)
  • Perogrine Falcon Presentation (library 9:30, 10:30)

Fri., Dec., 11th (Day 1)

  • Live Different Presentation (Grade 7 & 8, gym)

  • Zumba (Gr. 4-8)

  • Friends for Life (1:00 in the library)

Did you hear?

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