Capital of Greece

Different governments in Athens

In early Athens the city state was ruled by a group of aristocrats ( rich land owners ) this type of government is called oligarchy in this type of government few people have power which in Athens case were the aristocrats. Latter a noble named Peisistratus over threw the oligarchy and took power as tyrant. Peristatusis was able to stay in power because he was good leader. around 500 b c a new leader named cleisthenes gained power in Athens. although he was a member of one of the most powerful families in Athens cleisthenes didn't want aristocrats to rule the government. With the support of the people he over threw the oligarchy and created a democracy

Life Boys and Girls in Athens

Athenian boys were trained to run jump and swim the training was not harsh. The girls had a poor education few girls were taught how to read. the girls learned house hold tasks like weaving and sewing.While the men went to war for two years and at times of war while girls did house hold tasks.Boys were taught from wealthy families they were taught how to read how to speak and even how to think properly. some boys were required to memorize long passages of plays and poems. some had to commit both the liad and the odyssey to memory. Very few girls, however, received educations.