Shanghai, China

lose yourself in the wonders of Shanghai, China

Shanghai's Cuisine

Enjoy the brilliant cuisine of shanghai china. One of the most important foods is rice. One of the most favorite snacks is EXPLODED RICE! Exploded rice is a snack that is made of uncooked rice mixed with syrup and sugar. (get this it tastes like rice krispies!)

Shanghai History

Tap into the greatest chinese history. Shanghai started as a small trading center during wwI and since then it has blossomed into a glorious city we know today as Shanghai China. During the neolithic period people would hunt, fish, and later farming. Their leader Xie orgaizeo hi lead his people to saftey during the war. ( a neolithic tri pot is seen blow v)

Shanghai Entertanment

GO and lose yourself in the most amazing entertainment of shanghai china. One of the most amazing entertaining shows is the shanghai acrobatics. the acrobatics crew will blow your mind as they defy gravity with there skills. Another fun entertaining thing is the Shanghai's art museums. Hotels will usually have a place were you can book you're tickets. (thereis a picture of the acrobats below v)

shanghai historical sights

if you want to see a living historical sight try old town. Old town is a small town is a historical figure that had a wall built around it for protection from Japanese pirates. the wall still stands , but is a 50 yard strip of it is left. (here is a map of old town below v)

Shanghai langage

Now you can learn about official and tradition langue of shanghai china. As you all know that mandarin Chinese but the traditional langue is shanghaiese. which does not add up to mandarin Chinese standerds. (below is some caracters of shanghaiese.)

Shanghai's weather

shanghai has four distinct seasons. Warm spring Hot and rainy summer cool and comfortable fall over cast winter. so go and feel the seasons of shanghai china. (here is a weather patterns of shanghai) I forgot to mention that since shanghai is so close to the coast it rain a lot in summer.