Builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities

Formed in 1844 in London, England, the YMCA values and teaches integrity, unity, and responsibility. Originally, created to provide low cost housing in a christian environment for young men moving from rural towns to large urban cities. Along with it's female counter part, YWCA, tried to provide healthy lifestyles during the Industrial Revolution.

YMCA today

YMCA growth

Over the past century, the YMCA has grown from Christian housing for young men to a safe environment for everyone to learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Many sports have been invented by YMCA employees such as; Racquetball, volleyball, and basketball. The Y also stressed the importance of family in many of the organizations it created including Indian Princess, which emphasis a strong father daughter relationship.

YMCA effect on today

There are about 2,700 YMCA locations in the U.S. with approximately 19,000 full time staff and 600,000 volunteers in 10,000 communities across the country. Worldwide, the Y serves more than 45 million people in 119 countries. Y's across the U.S. play an integral role in strengthening the leadership and youth programs of the Y around the world. The YMCA has definitely had a positive effect of the world around us.