Research Guide

Spanish-Speaking Country Presentation ***D R A F T ***

Internet Searching

For your oral presentation, you will likely want basic information about your Spanish Speaking Country. Start here:

  • CIA World Factbook Get reliable background information on your country. For help using this website, review the attached guide. [Add link to guide here]
  • Using Google or your favorite Internet search engine, search for Name of Country Ministry of Tourism. Get official marketing information about unique places, cultural events, and other special attractions. You will usually find lots of colorful images here as well.
  • Be sure to cite your source!

Database Searching

Reference books are a great source of background information about many topics, including Spanish-speaking countries. Credo Reference is an online database available through the QV Library website. It includes over 3 million articles from more than 700 reference books – all are reliable sources. You will find articles describing your assigned country's history, culture, geography, peoples, customs, music, art, etc. Use this instead of Wikipedia!

To access from the QVCC Library homepage, choose FIND BOOKS, then scroll down to Credo Reference. (From off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with your MyCommnet ID.

[Add link to guide here]

Finding & Citing Images

For a great oral presentation on a Spanish-Speaking country, you will need to find numerous images for display on PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation tools. Images found using Google look great, but they often don't give you the citation information you need to find in order to know they are from credible sources--are they really pictures of what they claim?

The Guide to Finding & Citing Images reviews [insert link here]

  • exactly what citation information you need from an image you find on the Internet, using Google or any other search engine;
  • suggested image management sites that offer great images and include citation information;
  • how to cite images;
  • sample works cited page for images.

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