Haunted House For sale

only 100,000.00

About the Killer Haunted House

This Haunted House is SUPER SCARY. It is one of the scariest haunted houses you will ever see. It has a killer around called The Red Devil. Every night he comes around wips out his chail saw and starts slicing people in half. Now about this house, it has 3 wooden wall bedrooms. 10 windows with holes in them from shootings, metal floor with every muscle you move a creek happens and its not a pretty sound, two baths filled with dead bodys in it to confort you, and don't let me forget about the Haunted ghost basement. The last thing is a blood filled pool for a nice swim.
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30 people have died in this house. 12 were because of shootings, 8 parents killed their kids because they lost there minds in this house, and the rest were the red devil. People call the red devil the cerial killer because he covers the bodys with cerial.