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NEWSLETTER | TERM 4 | WEEK 0 | 10th October 2021

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Message from Geordie

Dear Parents and Families of St Bernadette’s,

WOW! Here we are at the start of Term 4 – it is hard to believe how fast the year has gone so far. I hope that everyone has had a really nice break, had time to chill out or get away and are ready for another big term here at St Bernie’s! I got away for a few days in Dunsborough; caught and cooked some crabs, squid and King George Whiting with my family. I have been training for the Tour of Margret River so had a few long rides out into the hills with some mates, spent some time at the new bar and restaurant that has opened close to my house (very dangerous but you must support local businesses, right?) and I was spoilt by my wife and kids for my birthday earlier this week. My next goal is to teach George and Audrey the meaning of the word ‘sleep-in’… not sure how successful this will be!

This term we welcome quite a number of new students and families into our community. I have really enjoyed the conversations I have had with our new parents, and I look forward to welcoming them into our school. If you see them around, please say hello and introduce yourself. One of the things that makes this school so great is the relaxed vibe and easy going community – I know all of our new families will enjoy their time here!

This holiday period has been a busy one here at school with a number of projects being completed. The new AV System has now been installed into the undercover area which will benefit all our students in the future -giving teachers more options for creating fun assemblies and will ensure future performances are clear, reliable, and enjoyable for the community. Our Year 5 and 6 students will be warm in Winter and cool in Summer thanks to the new reverse cycle air-conditioning that has been installed into their block. This will make the classrooms more comfortable for learning. I will be looking to complete the rest of our classrooms over the next few years.

Our school is looking amazing to start off the term with new shade sails (in our school colours) being put up around the school. These will provide sun protection for the students during recess and lunch during the warmer months and really give the outdoor spaces a visual lift! With the nicer weather in the last week, we have been able to weed, feed and mow our ovals and in preparation for the Week 3 Athletics Carnival, the line marking has gone down, and the long jump pit has been repaired – I even got to have a go on the mower! Finally, after a wet and dreary first week, I am happy to report that we have been able to make a start on the courts resurfacing. The small court in the Junior Playground is now complete and looks fantastic. We are really happy with the design chosen as it will give teachers the opportunity to bring the classroom outdoors and provide a safe place for the students to play at break times. The large courts will be next up, and our hope is that they will be completed by the end of Week 5 – weather permitting. As you can see, plenty going on and lots to celebrate!

During the second week of the holidays I also had a number of discussions with external consultants, CEWA and staff about the management of our 1 to 1 iPad program which is in need of review. A big thanks to our parents in Year 3 - 6 who are waiting to know the process going forward and to Wayne Sly for giving up his time over the break to help out. My hope is to present a new plan at the next Advisory Council Meeting and have all the information out to parents by Week 4. As I said last term, please do not buy any new hardware just yet as there will be some changes, particularly for Year 4 next Year.

Before the new term begins, I just wanted to remind parents that communication is really important in ensuring our students are all safe and happy here at school. Where issues do occur, we have procedures in place to make sure everyone is on the same page and is working in the best interests of the students. Please email or book a time to chat to your child’s teacher if there is an issue, if you feel you need further support then Lisa and Mel are there for Junior and Senior students respectively. The Leadership Team are here to support teachers and students in all aspects of their schooling, and we appreciate parents letting us know when students need a little extra support or if there is an issue.

Above all, it is important that every interaction, conversation, or discussion is respectful whether it is in private or in public. We, as adults, must model appropriate behaviour and set a good example for the children in our care. We must put them at the centre of every discussion, regularly put their needs before our own and understand that while at times there will be disagreements, we are all working to get the best outcomes possible for the 450 children who attend St Bernie’s. This is highlighted within our school Code of Conduct, giving all adults in the community a shared understanding and shared accountability for the way we act and model behaviour to our students.

That is about it from me - please keep Mrs Francis, Mr Murtagh, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Nagel, Mrs King and myself in your thoughts and prayers as we are off to camp for the first 3 days of the term. I am sure there are many excited Year 6’s and perhaps even more excited parents this weekend! I know it will be heaps of fun and thank the Year 6 teachers for their hard work in organising the trip.

See you all Monday morning


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Things to look out for in Term 4 Week 1

Year 6 Forest Edge Camp - 11-13th October 2021

School Mass - Friday 15th October

Kindy 2022 Parent Info Session and Student Orientation morning

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