Chinese schools of thought

by the one and only Calvinator Doss


Confucianism is a type of philosophy taught by Confucius. It talks about how wisdom is a key trait for a ruler. It also talk about how there are five relationships that are highly important; father to son, big brother to little brother, subject to ruler, and husband to wife. However, Confucius belives that other than friend to friend, these relationships aren't equal. One should respect their elders and wives should obey their husbands. It was used by the Han Dynasty.


Legalism is a philosophy that involved strict laws and harsh punishments. It talks about how man is born evil, but his goodness is aquired. It was accepted by the Qin dynasty. They built the Great wall of China.


Daoism was invented by Laozi. It was a system that said that a government that governs the least governs the best. It was, in a way, the oppositte of Legalism. It practices alchemy and magic and speaks of being one with nature.


Buddhism is a religion about being one with the universe. It says that hard work and meditation is the way to goodness. It spread to China by the Silk Road, an almost worldwide trade route.