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September 25, 2015

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Amazing things are happening...

As I sat in data days and cluster this past week, I got chills (I think Karen even teared up!). I am starting to see connections being made....teachers working together to develop quality formative assessments in lessons...using data to drive instruction...planning higher order questions...and doing this by always putting students first. I know it is hard work - I appreciate all that you are doing to move West Goshen from good to great!

Every week when I walk through classrooms, I am truly amazed at the quality of instruction that is happening! Below is just a "snippet" of what is taking place on a daily basis at West Goshen.

You truly do amaze me daily!

In your sub plans...

Make sure you are including end of the day procedures. This includes where every student should go (car line, walker, etc) AND the duty that you do at the end of the day (unless you have communicated with someone else to do your duty). This will ensure that we have all after school duties covered! Thanks!

Wednesday is Listening Day!

Dr. Woodworth and Dr. Metcalfe will be here on Wednesday, September 30th to meet with staff. I will have a sign up sheet hanging outside my office for you to sign up for a time. I have put in 30 minute time slots but if you need to adjust a time in a slot, please do! You can come in alone or in grade level teams. There is no agenda - just a time for them to listen to celebrations, questions, or concerns you want to share (I e-mailed you some of their guiding questions!)! They are looking forward to meeting with all of you!

Monday morning data meetings

During your data days last week, grade level teams created a "long range plan" for Monday mornings. This coming Monday, I will begin the meeting but then I want to give you the time to discuss the formative assessments you are bringing back. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are meeting as grade level teams on these Mondays:

1. Groups that TOI's/interventionists/teachers are working with will be fluid. These groups will change based on needs that we acquire from data (NWEA, STI assessments, classroom formative assessments, small group formative assessments). If groups (or individual students) are meeting on one particular skill for approximately 6 weeks or more (with the collection of 6 data points), then we need to identify if the tier groups that we have them in is working. Do we need to move them to tier 3 - child study? This is where discussion between team members should be happening.

2. The data should drive the instruction that you are providing for students.

3. This is a time for you to meet as grade level teams and dig into the data for the skills you identified last Monday.

4. You should only bite off one skill at a time. Once students have mastered the skill, then you move to the next skill that you identified. Some skills will take longer than others...some students will master the skill quicker than others - your team needs to add/delete from your Monday morning long range plan as needed based on the assessments you are collecting.

TLT focus

Next Monday, the TLT will continue our unit of study on the strategic planning of thinking. We will be diving into our daily lessons and breaking down the types of thinking. Mindy has been doing this with her students, so we are going to watch Mindy in action so we can learn by seeing! :) It's exciting stuff! Looking forward to learn from each other and then bring that new learning to all of you in future cluster meetings!

Counselor's Corner

-Please continue to send your students down that are not wearing dress code shirts. Also, with cooler weather coming, just a reminder the students can wear plain colored sweaters (crew or button up) over a dress code shirt. The collar needs to be seen. If the student chooses to wear a sweatshirt, it has to be a solid color (no writing) and it needs to be a zip up or crew (not a hoodie). Students can also wear long sleeved solid color shirts under a short-sleeved polo.

-Silverwood Mennonite Church gave West Goshen a donation of $3000 to be used however we felt it was most needed. The playground fund was short $3500 as of the last PTO meeting so it was decided to put the $3000 towards the playground.

Thoughts and Prayers

Please keep Donna Shenk-Sensenig in your thoughts and prayers. Her father passed away last week in Virginia. She has been with family in Virginia during this time of loss. We are glad to have you back, Donna, but mourn with you in this loss.

Success Groups

Remember to plan ahead for success groups. All success teachers should be informed of the skill focus for success in plenty of time for them to plan (the day before does not give enough time). Use Monday morning time to communicate these focuses!

Central Office Updates:

GCS Learning Connection

Principals, please remind your staff members to read the monthly newsletter from the district office that is emailed to all gcsusers on the first Friday of the month from Vickie Grant. It is a communication tool that is used to help keep all GCS staff members up to date on things that are big picture, or that affect everyone in Goshen Schools. There have been a few comments lately about not being notified of GCS happenings, but we had indeed reported on those things in the Goshen Learning Connections newsletter. Thanks for your help on this.


Now that NWEA testing is winding down we have the opportunity to dig into the data. Many buildings have started looking at the reports and thinking about how to apply this new information. In order to help data understanding and student goal setting, Jeff Gangloff will be here on October 1st for secondary schools and October 2nd for elementary. These trainings will be using the same schedule as the August 13th meeting, which means it will start at 8:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM.

United Way Campaign

By now you have all received a couple of communications regarding the United Way Campaign. Michelle will be delivering your materials over the next couple of days. Following is some VERY important information for you to use in your planning and to share with staff.

The campaign has begun!

The final deadline for having the pledge forms returned to Lori Martin is Monday October 26th. That is the first day back after Fall Break…..so, in planning backwards, you will be Lori’s HERO if you can get them to her before Fall Break.

Please communicate the following with your staff (and we will also include this in the October Staff Newsletter) –

United Way pledges may be made in cash or check, credit card, or through payroll deduction. If payroll deduction is selected, employees may choose a ONE time deduction for the full amount, or ten (10) deductions. Deductions will start with the second pay date in November.


CPR is scheduled for November 10 and November 19. You only attend one class. It is at GHS from 4 to 5 pm and cost $20. If you are interested, email sstiffney@goshenschools.org

Chess Club

Elisabeth is willing to lead Chess Club again this year UNLESS someone else wants to take it on - or help her with it! :) Let Elisabeth know if you are interested.

This week and beyond

This week:


3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting
6:30 - WG Neighborhood Association Meeting
3:05-4:00 - Grades 3-5 Cluster
6:00 - Board Meeting
Central Office Listening Day
PTO Honey's Day - percentage of proceeds go to our PTO
3:05-4:00 - Grades K-2 Cluster
3:05 - staff meeting - lock down procedures; other safety issues to address
NWEA training at C.O. (Aimee, Lori, Holly, Jenn Camacho, & Melissa out)

Coming up:
3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting; 6:30 - PTO meeting
7th: Fire Department visits WG - Fire Drill at 10:30
9th: Lori at Principal's Meeting at C.O. (8:45-10:30)
12th: Data meetings/Cluster put together - no cluster after school week of the 12th; 3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting
13th: P/T Conferences 4-8pm
15th: P/T Conferences 4-8 pm
19th-23rd: No School - Fall Break