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1. How to Enable or Disable OS X Custom Services?

‘Services in Mac OS X’ is an amazing single-feature command which helps you to access special programs or applications through a contextual menu. The feature is usually brought in by the applications that come along with OS X applications. And it enables you to do your action fast that generally consumes much of your hours by opening additional programs and going through several steps.

For example, if you are currently working on Safari and you have to send an email message – you just highlight the text message and then use a service to compose a message and send it at the same time. And thus you skipped several steps by opening your email account and then creating an email message. Read more at

2. What is MacBook Battery Cycle Count?

The life assurance of a MacBook battery is completely based on the device battery cycle count. In case your notebook battery cycle count has reached the maximum limit, it is recommended to consult a right Mac tech resource. Your laptop might work fine but gradually your battery life will start getting depleted. If you are facing the slow performance of your MacBook notebook, then you simply need to take the assistance of a third party technical support provider. Intelli Atlas, an independent computer support provider, will offer a rapid tech solution for fixing MacBook battery concern. For Apple support visit here and get the most out of technical team with no troubles. Read more at

3. How to Quickly Resize Images in OSX with Automator

There may be several reasons for resizing images – among those maximizing space on the hard drive or uploading the images on a particular website may be the most common reason. Whatever the motive you have, it’s a convenient job to resize your images easily on OS X operating system.

Automator application, a built-in tool on Mac OS X, makes it possible to resize the image with high accuracy. Automator functions within a simple framework – allowing you to rope steps automatically so as to take the process step-by-step and avoid all types of impending problems.

The application comes with two sidebar sections and a main work area – the first section displays which applications offer Automator actions to use, and the next sections includes the actions linked with the selected applications. And the work area allows you to start your action after selecting and dragging a particular thing to the area. Read more at

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