Washington Early Learning Center

Weekly Staff Newsletter

November 10- November 14, 2014

This week's meetings/activities

Monday, November 10th:

Stacie out today

Tuesday, November 11th:

Stacie out today

Veteran's Day!

Wednesday, November 12th:

2:40- IEP meeting with Scott

Thursday, November 13th:

9:00-11:00- Monthly Admin Meeting

1:30- Monthly meeting with Steve at WELC

2:45-Staff Meeting

Friday, November 14th:

8:00-LST meeting

9:30- Eval meeting with Sarah

2:30- PTO meeting


  • We will have an LST meeting on Friday, Nov. 14th at 8:00. Please send agenda items (names of students to discuss or other items to discuss) to me by Wednesday, Nov. 12th. I will put out an email on Thursday will the agenda.
  • For the staff meeting, please prepare a short update for your area of leadership