Male Condom

Jeffrey and Jahlil

Male Condom

-The male condom can only be used on males.

-The condom acts as a barrier because it keeps the sperm from getting to the females egg.

"How to use a male condom correctly..."🍆🍆🍆🍆

1.) Check the Expiration date.

2.) Carefully open the package.

3.) Pinch the tip of the condom.

4.)Roll down correctly over top of the penis.


After Sex

5.)Pull off away from partner.

6.)Tie it.

7.)Throw Away.

How much do condoms cost?

-Condoms can be free when going to a local clinic or doctor

-Male Condoms can cost from $.50 - $1.00

-Condoms are cheaper when buying them in boxes because you got more more a lower price.

How effective are Condoms?

-The male condom is 98% effective

-The Condom is only that effective when being used correctly.


A male condom protects from getting STI's.


-Condoms are not prescription.

-They can be bought at any age.

-They can be bought at anytime as well.

How does it compare to other methods?

-Condoms are are about 1$ or less and surgery would cost a ton more.

-Not all birth control methods are 100% effective, condoms are 98% effective.


-Prevent STI's


-No need for surgery


-Condoms can break very easily.

-They have expiration dates

-They have to be bought daily and up to date.

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