Victoria Witham

A little about me...

I was born May 7, 2002. I got the name Wiktoria (Victoria) because my mom wanted a Polish name.I have a sister and brother. My brother is a real dog named Kody. My sisters name is Lidia. I'm the oldest in my family.I found out I was an animal lover when I got my dog. When I grow up I want to be a vet or a marine biologist who study's sharks. My hobby's are singing, and drawing.

My dad was the first to hold my when I was born. My gramma was the second to hold me.My parents called me a Chinese fire drill. I couldn't breath when I was born. I was going to have 6 brothers or sisters but they all died. The only one that survived was me and my sister. I loved baby spinach, I didn't stop eating it till I was 5.I love all the green foods, but not brussel sprouts.

One special thing about me is that I am like a little marine biologist because I like to study about sharks. My number one goal is to try to save sharks, that is because I think it could change my life in things.I believe if you stick to something you can do it.

A day in my life...

In the morning in 2005 I had a pancake for breakfast. Then it was time for a long road trip to North Carolina. It was the day we went to get my new dog. I was only 4 when we took this trip but I had fun. When we got there the first thing we saw was the dog. He was so adorable but the problem was he cost $400. My dad bought him because we needed a family pet. We'll we also found out that the dog loved cats. We'll it was time to leave so we put the dog in the car and went of. On the way home I finally named our dog Kody. That was the day I got my dog.

About 2005...

2005 was a really good year for me because it was when I got my dog. On the other side of the world it was a terrible year. Hurricane Katrina came along and destroyed a lot of land. Also earthquake Sumatran came and also destroyed a lot of land. The special thing about 2005 my sister was born.