Erasmo Seguin

Created By: Ashley, Alyssa, and Penelope

Erasmo Seguin

Seguin was born October 27, 1806. He fought with James Bowie in The Battle of Concepcion in 1835. Shortly after he became captain in the cavalry and was ordered to go to San Antonio William B. Travis. He was known as the “Paul Revere” of the Alamo, because he was one of the General Sam Houston Messengers. He was sent to warn the settlers in this area of Santa Anna coming to attack them. This triggered the runaway escape. Seguin was no less than a hero! He died in 1889 after changing Texas forever.

When and Why

Erasmo Seguin came to Texas in 1824. Seguin fled to Texas, because he did not agree with Santa Anna. Seguin wanted a settlement in Texas, because he wanted to free Texans from Santa Anna's rule.

Eye Witness

The Eye Witness of the settlement is Seguin's wife, Maria Josefa Becerra.

Geography and Weather Issues

Seguin, Texas has their worst weather in the fall, and the winter. They can have cold fronts with wind, and sometimes freezing temperatures, or rain. The temperatures can fall below 32 degrees fahrenheit, over a period of one day. A geography problem might be that there is a river that runs through the town of Seguin. This could be a problem, because it would be hard to cross. To get across the river, you would have to build a bridge, which would not of be easy back then.


Seguin volunteered to go against the Mexican government. He was a hero to many in the Battle of the Alamo. He was elected the mayor of San Antonio in 1841. He resigned in 1842, because people threatened to kill him. Then, he fled back to Mexico. He was forced to choose between being in Santa Anna’s army, or going to prison.

Success or Failure

Erasmo Seguin’s settlement was a success, because he helped Texas declared independence. Seguin has changed Texas, forever.