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Course Description:

The AP Art History course is an introductory college art history survey. The course involves critical thinking and will develop an understanding and knowledge of diverse cultural and historical contexts of architecture, painting, sculpture and other media. Students will examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression from the past and the present from a variety of cultures. Art history emphasizes understanding why and how works of art function in context considering such issues as patronage, gender and the functions and effects of works of art. Many colleges and universities offer advanced placement and/or credit to students who perform successfully on the AP Art History Exam.

Class Objectives

Course Objectives:

Big idea 1: Artists manipulate materials and ideas to create an aesthetic object, act, or event.

Essential Question: What is art and how is it made?

Learning Objective 1.1: Students differentiate the components of form, function, content, and/or context of a work of art.

Learning Objective 1.2: Students explain how artistic decisions about art making shape a work of art.

Learning Objective 1.3: Students describe how context influences artistic decisions about creating a work of art.

Learning Objective 1.4: Students analyze form, function, content, and/0r context to infer or explain the possible intentions for creating a specific work of art.