Sheep Class Newsletter

Ms. Peggy October 2016

Important Dates

October 3 NO SCHOOL

October 26 Halloween Parade

October 27 Halloween Parade

October 28 NO SCHOOL

Our First Month

September has flown by. The tears in the beginning have given way to happy faces and we are adjusting to the classroom routine. The students are engaged in circle time and love singing and doing the actions to the songs. The reciting of the pledge is the best. It's hard for a three year old to say "indivisible" and it is precious how hard they try.

I need to inform you that Ms. Eva is no longer with us. We are looking for someone to fill the assistant position. If you have someone is mind let Ms. Ashley know.

Halloween Parade

The kids love the Halloween Parade. They can wear their costume to school that day. Please nothing scary like a witch or ghost. Usually we end up with every Disney princess and all the Ninja turtles! Parents are invited to join us. You will line the hall with your treats in hand. The kids parade around the circle to collect their treats. After the parade, we will return to the classroom. I need Moms or Dads who can play a game with us or plan a craft. Let me know by October 11th if you are available. If no one can help I will find a game for us to play. Trenten and Madelynn are snack people those days. You may have one of the snacks with a Halloween theme if you like.


We need your help with developing our fine motor skills. When you're at home help your child write their name. Start with the first letter and take it slow. Make it fun. They can cut paper, paint with watercolors or play with play-doh. Anything that will work those fingers.

One last thing, concerns your child's snack day. On that day, they are star student. This means they wear the star student cape and help with circle time. At the end of the day they can share a show and tell. This is an opportunity for them to speak in front of the class and helps us get to know each other better. Be sure to send one on your next snack day.