Analyzing Viola


viola's identity

I feel like viola thinks of herself as a strong person that cares about something that means a lot to her. Also she a caring person and how she is loyal to Orsino and how she wants to be with him and just only him. "By innocence I swear, and by my youth I have one heart, one bosom, and one truth, And that no woman has, nor never none Shall mistress be of it ,save I alone."(iii.i.147-152). this is saying how she cares about one man and how she loves one guy and how she only loyal to him and only him.

viola gender

Viola's gender in this movie and in the story are very limited and how she dress up as a man to prove the guys that she can do things that men can so she can create option in the for herself and prove everyone that girls can do what men can do. In the text it states that "Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. I'll serve this duke. thou shall present me as an eunuch to him."(I.II.50-54).

Viola perception

Duke realize during the story he figures out how viola (Sebastian) is a girl and how he doesn't see her as a servant he see more in her in the text it states" Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love woman like to me"(V.I.225-227). This means how viola and duke see each other as love mates and how he feels different about her and not seeing her as a boy he seeing more in like the truth around the secrets she keeping and how he wants her to be honest and love him.

Comparing myself to Viola

Me and Viola have a lots of similarities for insist we both like sports she plays soccer I play basketball and were very active and she really funny and all around just like me I act very goof all the time but I am always all around working getting stuff finish and making goals just like viola how her goal is to make the soccer team. But there are some different things about us she a girl obviously and she does girls things and I am a guy and I do guys things like I would go to do boy things and she would do girl things like go sleep over girls house and talk about girls stuff and I would go work out or go hangout with the guys and do guys things

she the man (movie)

VIola idendity

I feel like Viola things of herself in the movie as a goal person like I feel like her goal during the movie was to play soccer and make the team but it wasn't enough players for the girls team so she try's so hard to make the boys team and dress up as her brother to achieve one goal and that is soccer. she didn't give up she was patient and working very hard and she trying to prove and show that she a strong person and a hard worker. :In she the man Viola show her friends and the soccer team that she can play on boys level and how she dress up like her brother to compete with them and prove them wrong.

Viola gender

Viola gender is very limited in the movie just like the story. The boys on the soccer team don't think she can compete with them because she a girl and how they think girls couldn't play on their level so Viola proves them wrong so she goes through so much to make a team from a different school and not only that prove her self as a girl how much she cares for her love duke, who helps Sabastian (Viola) how to get better in soccer. So viola gender in the story is crazy because she all around trying to make a team and also trying to prove her love that she cares for him and wants to be with him.

Viola perception

people in the movie see viola as a good ball she always trying to make jokes and play around but then again she is a hard worker and she always do anything for soccer because it her main thing and she loves it so people see as that. But I feel like viola see herself as that too because she know she wants to get the spot for the soccer team and she not going to stop until she gets it and she put herself in situation that she sets goals for life and make sure she gets the goals done like being on the team.

Compare myself to Viola

Comparing myself to viola in the movie is very difficult because she a girl who loves soccer and would do anything to get on the team like during the movie she dressed up as her brother to be on the soccer team and as for me I am a basketball player and I would do anything to get on the team and I feel like we have some parts in common but their a lots way to describe me and her in her role in the movie she play's and hard player that works on the thing we love and trying to make it in a league and go far.