Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

March 30- April 3

This Week

We started working on our graphic novel vocabulary. We talked about panels, frames, gutters, thought and speech bubbles, speed lines and sound effects. I don't think many of the students realized there was so much in a graphic novel. For this unit, students will be taking a vocabulary quiz and creating a graphic novel of their own. They should have their books read by April 10. We are looking to take the vocabulary quiz on April 14. We will start to work on our projects when we get back from break on April 8.

We did a fun activity this week dealing with subtitles. I selected a few short clips to watch with the students. They had to come up with the subtitles to fit into that clip. Some of the students were pretty creative. They seemed to enjoy this activity. The link is below.

Important Dates

April 3-7 No School

April 10- Graphic novel should be read

April 13 & 14- Badger Testing Language Arts

April 13- Parent Teacher Conferences (3:30-7:30)

April 20-23- Badger Testing Math

Author Letter

After a conversation with one of my students about the rubric for the author letter, I decided to change the total points of the project in Skyward. The total point went from 100 to 80. This essentially eliminated the 4 point column of the rubric, which stated that the project need to be above and beyond what I taught.

With that being said, the students' total points earned did not change. So if a student received a 4 in one or more of the categories, it helped his/her overall grade.

Book Challenge

Mrs. Johnson (the other 6th grade Language Arts teacher) and I have decided to switch up the book challenge. Instead of it being a class challenge, we have change it to be an individual challenge. This challenge will focus on rewarding those students who read.

Remember your child should be reading 30 minutes a night. That should average to about 30 pages a day. Your child should be annotating what they read. They need to have at least one annotation for every 10 pages. They will then have to conference with me about the book for those pages to count.

For every 500 pages, students will earn a fun lunch in. We will be holding these on Wednesdays. For 3,000 pages, we will be hosting a movie night (after school). For 5,000 pages, we are looking at doing an off site trip; possibly bowling. When it looks like we have a number of students getting close to these benchmarks, we will be setting a date and getting more details out to parents.

This new challenge rewards those students who are readers and will hopefully motivate other students to become readers as well.

Third quarter ended with the class standings as follows. The winning class (6th Hour) won Dilly Bars.

1st Hour- 7,080 Pages

2nd Hour- 25,872 Pages

3rd Hour- 4,858 Pages

6th hour- 28,180 Pages

Book List

Here is a link to this weeks book list. Some on this list are repeats, however, some are not. Make sure to check if these books are in your child's ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). The students should know their range. If they don't know it off the top of their head, they should have it written down here at school. If they don't have it written down, I can always look it up for them.


Here are more writing ideas, whether it is for journaling or your Smash book.
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