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Friday, March 3, 2023


Friendly reminder to help your child remember to charge their ipads every night and make sure to have headphones at school every day.

Please ask your child if their headphones are working and replace them if they are not.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Students played teacher to demonstrate how to solve equations. We noticed that there could be a different way to get the same answer.

We will be finishing unit 4 next week and starting unit 5. Unit 5 is all about place value to 1000.

Conversation starter...Ask your kids to demonstrate 2-3 different strategies for the solution to 32+46=

Kids Craft Club by Conrad and Grace

We got some crafts, and we got to do some more crafts. We met during our lunch and recess. Some kids did crochet. And some kids tried to do the kniffty Knitter. Conrad and Grace are taking the kniffty Knitter home and will teach us when they figure it out. We had others use the alphabet beads and colorful beads. Thank you to Mrs. Nusinow for the crafty donations. If anybody else has craft supplies that can be donated, we would love it!
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Plant Progress by Mia M.

We are growing lettuce seeds. Now it sprouts. Soon it will be a plant. Now that they started to grow, we put them under plant lights. It was so much fun! By Mia M.
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You Are a Good Man Charlie Brown by Mia K.

Today we came to the theater to see Charlie Brown. We came here on the bus with our 6th-grade reading buddies. The play was good and the best part of it was when the dog barked around and started leaping. And my other favorite part was when Charlie Brown put a lunch bag on his head. It was a very fun morning! And it was a long time to finish. It was longer than I expected. By Mia K.

Social Studies by Grace

This week we are learning about climate. We learned the difference between weather and climate. We saw climate maps and learned how to read them.

Spanish By Raya and Hope and Pierce

We are learning about letters and feelings in Spanish. We sing songs. We learned a new color a few days ago. Gold is Dorado. We go to Spanish on Wednesdays and Fridays. By Pierce

We were learning about greetings. We also learned a Spanish song, and Mrs. Bohorquez gave us cards, and we practiced the greetings on them. We had a blast we love Spanish.

Fun Friday in P.E.

Today was a fun Friday. We had so many fun things we could do. We love fun Friday. We had ping pong, did gymnastics, played volleyball, and rode on bikes. It was a great day. We never get to do this many things in one day!


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Read Aloud

Edward Tulane was the best book because it was really fun. In the beginning, Edward was vain and only cared about himself, not others. One of our favorite parts was when Abilene would leave him on the chair and Abilene went to school, Edward would look at his pocket watch to wait for her to come home. The journey he went on was very adventurous. My second favorite part was when Edward changed his feelings. By Ellie

This was a fabulous read-aloud!

Some questions to ask your child:

1) Which genre is this book?

2) Do Edward's feelings change from the beginning to the end?

3) Does Edward ever see Abeline again?

4) Tell your favorite part of the story?

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Writing by Hope

In writing, we made opinion letters to put into library books. The letters say to read this book or not. In our opinion writing, we learned to include examples and reasons why you should read the book. Thanks. By Hope

Dates to Remember:

Friday, March 24, Wear tie-dye to school.

Friday, March 24th 2nd-grade field trip to Ryerson Woods for a Maple Syrup Hike.

April 4th, 2nd-grade music show 6:30 in the evening.

April 27th international fair

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Have a fabulous long weekend! Please reach out with any questions.

Mrs. Kramer