Mrs. Trout's weekly News

May 9-13th

We are working hard on our character day writing!

The Students and I have enjoyed working together on reading out loud their character day books and discussing the main character, problem and solution of the story.

Each student completed a graphic organizer describing their chracter's trait's , their favorite part of the story and why they like their character.

Next, each student completed an outline about their character and what their character did in the story.

The Students then started their rough draft writing copying the information from their outlines.

We will begin our final typed copies of our reports next week!

We learned about Butterflies and their life cycle.

The Students have really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We read many books and completed informational writing. The students even had the opportunity to partner read a non-fiction books about butterflies! The students also created their own butterfly book and Abigail read our class the Hungry caterpillar!


  • Don't forget to start putting together your child's costume for Character day!
  • Field Day is next Friday at 1:00! Mr. Wyatt loves parent helpers to run stations!! Please contact him if you can help!
  • Look below at our amazing summer camp program!

Have a great weekend!